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About Us

NUNCHI is an Editor for Architects’ Furniture and Objects, and a Gallery dedicated to the Table.

Only inspire enthusiasm.

– Peter Handke

Why the table?

The table offers a transversal and infinite field of investigation. It is part of everyday life and touches, by its universal dimension, upon all the disciplines of art. A major theme in painting, design or architecture, the table is sometimes even considered as a performance involving several disciplines. The table is also a subject of society that questions the ever-evolving links between individuals and living together, and one of the links in the great chain between man and nature, a favorite source of inspiration for many architects. “Nature with a capital N” as Frank Lloyd Wright said.

The Philosophy

THE NAME NUNCHI IS INSPIRED BY a Korean CONCEPT signifying a type of 6 th sense used to maintain harmonious social relationships. A person with “nunchi” knows how to gauge the other person’s state of mind, and though this is left unsaid, it is communicated mainly through observation and nonverbal clues, to try not to influence the other person with an individual’s own thoughts and feelings.

The law of profit has made the territories of architecture and agriculture homogeneous,
or the unique components aggregate and disperse according to the rhythm of the

Andrea Branzi