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The Table is Total Art

Objets Architect Designed Furniture and Objects

ARE ARCHITECTS THE BEST DESIGNERS? The answer is certainly debatable, yet when observing the influence the great architects of the twentieth century made on the design of their time, the NUNCHI editor decided to devote itself to the furniture created by architects. Furniture resulting from a multidimensional vision, conceived in its interaction with space and that goes beyond its simple primary function. Furniture whose visibility has been considerably reduced for several decades and to which NUNCHI intends to give the place it deserves.

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NUNCHI editor’s aim is TO OFFER FOOD FOR THOUGHT on the subject of the Table by publishing books by chefs and architects. Identifiable with the symbol n on the covers of books that take the form of a table, the works published by NUNCHI are a testimony to its wish to use only the best expertise in the field and to the high demands it places on their production. In 2018, the collection will be further enriched with publications related to the projects exhibited in its gallery.


Events and Locations

NUNCHI CREATES EVENTS dedicated to the table in a variety of locations. Restaurants, receptions and banquet dinners are just a few, put together in collaboration with architects and with the country’s biotope in mind, like a conscientious farmer would when using time-honored common sense. NUNCHI sets out to consider the social dimension of the surrounding environment, to encourage interactions between its residents and to respect their integration in the landscape of its imagined spaces.

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The Agency

AS PART OF THE PROJECTS it initiates, NUNCHI editor meets with international architects, some of whom do not have the reputation they deserve outside their country of origin. Acting as an architect’s agent, NUNCHI represents talents with potential, those who nourish and inspire project holders. Getting them known and putting them in contact with clients has become a natural extension of its design activity and the gallery.

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