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Fanny Boucher, Master Heliogravure Printer

In 2000, Fanny Boucher, master heliogravure printer, founded Atelier Hélio’g, a workshop dedicated to intaglio engraving techniques and more particularly to grain heliogravure printing; the only professional workshop in France specialized in this rare know-how, and among the fifteen or so left in the world to continue the tradition.
She provides her expertise and accompaniment to many artists, gallery owners and international publishers.
A member of the Grands Ateliers de France, she received the title of Master Artisan in 2015. From 2012 to 2017 has passed on her know-how and expertise to her student Antonin Pons Braley, who himself produces innovative work with gravure volumes. In 2015, she was joined by Marie Levoyet, who trained in intaglio and traditional flat gravure printing.
The workshop today offers its complete and unique expertise of heliogravure in the finest tradition of printed artist’s books, as well as opening up to the fields of art furniture and design.