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Rafael Patalano

Raphel patalano


Rafael Patalano is a Brazilian architect. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning and graduated in 1997. Between 1997 and 2012, he founded the agency MAREINES + PATALANO ARQUITETURA with Ivo Mareines, and produced many projects for residences, offices, cultural and educational institutions, some of which are published in prestigious magazines such as Architectural Record, Interior Design and Wallpaper, which identifies the duo among the pioneers of new Brazilian architecture. Their work has also garnered many awards in Brazil: ASBEA-RJ, ASBEA BRASIL, ABRIL_MELHOR DA ARQUITETURA and the GRANDE PREMIO DA ARQUITETURA CORPORATIVA. In 2012, he founded the agency PATALANO ARQUITETURA and initiated international projects. Rafael Patalano considers architecture as a space created by man for man. Whether big or small, open or closed, he sees this space as a three-dimensional puzzle. A puzzle that must be understood by taking into account objective issues such as temperature, natural ventilation, size and the proximity between spaces and their specific use. He is particularly attentive to the flow between the different spaces, which must according to him, always be agreeable to walk through.